Choosing proper workout attire is almost as important as choosing the right workout, and it's often recommended to wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothing to support our various workout routines.

While the best thing to wear to the gym is flexible clothing that makes you feel comfortable, there are a few common wardrobe choices that tend to bother — or even offend — other people at the gym.

From wearing dirty clothes to going commando, a new survey of over 1,000 Americans who work out regularly revealed our grossest and most "unacceptable" gym habits.

According to Treadmill Reviews, more than one in three people say they go commando in the gym. In addition, men are 38 percent more likely not to wear underwear during their sweat sesh.

Forty-eight percent of people believe this is totally unacceptable behavior.

Other gym etiquette that seems to reek of public disapproval is working out in soiled clothing.

However, 49 percent of people surveyed fessed up to working out in dirty clothes.

Another commonly cited offensive gym behavior involves those popular waist trainers. Forty-six percent of people polled consider the waist trainer to be offensive.

And finally, 37 percent disapprove of women who opt to work out braless at the gym.

As for the best-dressed at the gym? That trophy goes to yoga and dance classes, which are viewed as the best-dressed fitness groups.

Circuit trainers and weightlifters fall into the worst-dressed category when it comes to fitness fashion. Should we point fingers again to the sweat-soaked waist trainer?

What's your most foul fitness pet peeve when you hit the gym? Connect with PopCrush on Twitter at @PopCrush.

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