Alexa is one of the coolest things on the market today and you can find her just about anywhere. The voice-enabled virtual assistant can be found just about anywhere today: in her own devices (Amazon Echo, Echo Dots, Show and Spot), as well as any number of Alexa-enabled devices. The great thing about her is all you have to do is tell her to play or do something and she does.

Well, with the exception of asking her to play your favorite Sioux Falls country music station: Kickin' Country!

It seems Alexa has been having an issue pulling up our station when you ask her. Turns out, she may be the latest in high-tech, but she isn't very good with slang. Specifically, the word "kickin," which of course just happens to be a major part of our name.

Good news, after some tweaking we fixed the glitch!

Now, simply say:

"Alexa, play kick-in one-hundred-point-five"

She will start playing the latest country music from your favorite country music station. Just remember, try to pronounce "kick-in" as two distinct words.

IMPORTANT: If you already have the Kickin' Country skill saved on your Alex device, you will need to delete it, and then re-install it for the device to work properly.

So, don't wait. Enable the Kickin' Country and say "Alexa, play kick-in one-hundred-point-five" today!

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