Love them or hate them, computer applications are a way of life.

And while there is a level of convenience they provide that helps to make our lives less complicated, they can also be cumbersome and irritating.

To find the apps that get under our skin the most, Electronics Hub studied tweets about a number of topics like cryptocurrency, dating, entertainment, money transfer, and social media apps and found that some are universally disliked.

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Number one of the hit list? The dating app Tinder (21 states). It was the most loathed in 21 of the 50 states. Reddit (seven states), Snapchat (six states), and Roblox (five states) are also high on the hit list.

Most Hated Apps
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As for the tri-state area, folks in Iowa, Minnesota, and South Dakota all have their own most despised app.

Iowa is one of those Tinder hating states.

Minnesota meanwhile is one of only two states (Montana is the other), that can't stand Disney+.

In South Dakota, Facebook is public enemy #1. The Mount Rushmore State stands alongside North Carolina and Rhode Island in its hatred for the social media app.

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