Kids today have their world at their fingertips with smartphones, tablets, computers, and gaming consoles.  Now more than ever, they are glued to these devices while they are following a "stay at home" policy.  However, there are ways for parents to control how much time children and adolescents are spending online.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, kids from 12-years-old up to 17-years-old have watched 17% more of television.  There’s also been a huge 35% spike for video game use and a 28% increase in connected device usage, or streaming.  Very Well Family recommends the following tips to help encourage your children to spend less time on the couch.

Create "Technology-Free Zones" In Your Homes

  • A great example of a tech-free area is in the dining room.  Sharing a meal together is designated family time.  Identifying the dining room as a tech-free zone also reinforces to kids that eating together as a family is a priority.

Make Screen Time a Privilege

  • Most kids have a smartphone or a tablet.  It's important to make them recognize the fact that owning those devices are not a right.  They need to earn their screen time.  For example, if your children complete their school assignments they could be rewarded with a reasonable amount of screen time.  Completing chores can also earn a screen time reward.

Use Parent Controls

  • There is a tremendous amount of information on the internet and you never know what your children may encounter.  Very Well Family recommends that parents enable certain parental locks on TV channels and internet sites.  You can also activate locks on your WIFI.

Click here for more helpful tips!  Since kids are home for the foreseeable future, how will you manage your child's screen time?

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