If you're a waffle-lover in Sioux Falls and the Sioux Empire, this is the day for you! Today (Wednesday, August 24th) is National Waffle Day! So if you're hungry for a little sweet breakfast, go ahead and enjoy as many waffles as your heart desires!

Before you decide to dig in, you may want to be a bit selective about the waffles you choose to enjoy. You might just want to find the best waffle in Sioux Falls to celebrate National Waffle Day! Well, coincidentally we at KXRB recently found a new, updated list identifying the best waffles in Sioux Falls.

Our friends at Tripadvisor recently created a new list that shows the top three best waffles in Sioux Falls. This new list is based on reviews and surveys. Yelp also made a list of the top ten waffles in Sioux Falls. Each source boasts different lists, but these waffles are from great, local establishments.


Take a look at this tasty list from Tripadvisor and Yelp. Oh...and waffles are great any time of the day!

Best Waffles in Sioux Falls

Where is your favorite Sioux Falls joint to eat waffles?


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