With more than 71,000 bars to choose from in the United States, it can be a rather daunting task to pick out the perfect place for your next night out with your drinking buddies.

Luckily, 24/7 Wall St. has helped to narrow it down for you with their list of the 'Best Bar in Every State'.

To come up with the top 50, the website reviewed articles and rankings from North America’s 50 Best Bars, Eater, The Daily Meal, Men’s Journal, Mashed, and The Culture Trip, as well a number of local and regional websites.

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Hello Marjorie - Des Moines
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Their top choice for Iowa is Hello, Marjorie in downtown Des Moines.

So what should you try on the menu? 24/7 Wall St. recommends the Lost Luggage, which consists of Aperol, Havana Club Blanco rum, toasted coconut cream, lime, strawberry nectar, and goji berry.

Psycho Suzi's - North Minneapolis
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Minnesota's best bar backs right up to the Mississippi River in North Minneapolis.

I know from personal experience that Psycho Suzi’s Waterfront Lounge provides you with the ultimate tiki bar vibe, including a menu full of drinks with outrageous names like the recommended cocktail, Paralyzed Politician, with four kinds of rum, hibiscus, grapefruit, and citrus.

Not only do the drinks make Psyco Suzi's more than worth the drive, but the food is excellent as well. They have a killer brunch on the weekends which includes a build-your-own bloody mary bar (at least it did before COVID hit).

Hello Hi - Sioux Falls
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In South Dakota, a relative newcomer to downtown Sioux Falls gets top billing on the list.

The Hello Hi on Phillips Avenue has a full menu of tiki creations from the bar, including the Scorpion Bowl, which features rum, gin, brandy, orgeat, orange, and lime and serves 2-3 people!

My recommendation at Hello Hi: skip the bar in front and head to the back room where the tiki vibe is in full effect.

While you are there, stop by the window at Pizza Cheeks and grab your favorite cheesy pie to pair up with your cocktails.

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