New Year's Eve is a time to celebrate memories with family and friends and to welcome in a new year. Some people choose to usher in the new year at house parties while others may prefer to enjoy the night’s festivities at bars. However, there was one bar in Downtown Sioux Falls that went dark on New Year's Eve and for the foreseeable future.

The Carpenter Bar closed its doors on New Year's Eve until sometime in the new year. Why? Well...let's just say the COVID-19 pandemic got the best of this popular downtown hotspot.

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According to a recent post on Facebook, the staff of the Carpenter Bar explained to its followers and patrons of the bar that the staff is doing its part to keep the community safe.

Many of our bartenders are at home sick. We were caught in the wake of the super-catchy, albeit mild, virus. ⁠

In other words, ringing in the new year at the Carpenter Bar was not an option for those spending the night out on the town. Darn you, COVID! The post from the Carpenter Bar did not indicate when in 2022 the gathering place intends to reopen its doors. However, there is a little bit of light in this never-ending situation.

Instead of deterring the community from going out on New Year's Eve and in the new year, the staff from the Carpenter Bar encouraged people to support local businesses and its sister bars in Downtown Sioux Falls. One of the bars that is part of the Carpenter Bar family is...The Treasury at Hotel on Phillips!

The Carpenter Bar will not be closed forever! We can't wait to celebrate the start of 2022 at this favorite, local establishment.


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