It's South Dakota's ultimate party night of each and every year and it just happens to fall on the last night of each year.

New Year's Eve, a night when we usher out the old and welcome the new at the stroke of midnight.

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More than nearly any other celebration, it is the most synonymous with the consumption of alcohol, sometimes in staggering amounts.

That often leads to the next New Year's tradition - the January 1 hangover.

So what are the best ways to enjoy the end of 2022 without paying for it to start 2023? enlisted the help of an expert, George F. Koob, MD, director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, for tips on avoiding that dreaded New Year's Day 'overindulgence flu'.

  • Eat something before you drink
    "Food absorbs alcohol," Dr. Koob says. But not just any food will do. Experts say meals that contain protein and fat are the most effective.
  • Sip water with your alcohol
    This is often referred to as 'ping-ponging'. Alternate between booze and a glass of water to avoid being dehydrated, which can intensify hangover symptoms.
  • Opt for clear liquor
    Which alcohol you partake in matters as well. Clear liquors typically have fewer chemicals called congeners than darker ones. Those are toxic substances made during the fermentation process that plays a big role in that sickly feeling you get after drinking.
  • Get enough sleep after a night out drinking
    How you end the night plays a big part as well. Make sure you get plenty of shut-eye after a long night of drinking. Feel free to record the Rose Parade. You can sleep until noon and then enjoy all of the New Year's Day pageantry in a much better frame of mind.

However you decide to celebrate, please do so responsibly.

Remember the best hangover remedy is to not have one in the first place.


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