Every year on January 1, millions of New Year's Eve revelers find themselves wishing they had stayed home with their cat the night before. Fatigue, an upset stomach, and a wicked headache are the symptoms that make eager partiers make false promises about "never doing that again."

Many of these same people have a remedy for their hangovers that they swear is the best thing in the world. When I was one of those people, before my impatience with feeling awful caused me to stay home every year, I would usually have a big breakfast of some kind, take a prophylactic dose of ibuprofen, and drink as much water as I could stand before crawling into bed. Sometimes it turned out okay, but not reliably.

According to science, there isn't really a good and reliable hangover cure. Despite this, we asked people what their go-to fix for 3.2-flu is and got a lot of interesting answers.

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  • B16 from Science Nutrition is a hangover lifesaver. Not what it is intended for, but it's a miracle cure
  • A 12-hour nap in pure darkness
  • Ice-cold white milk has always helped my hangovers
  • 2 ibuprofen, 1 Excedrin migraine, and a kids nugget meal or Bacon egg and cheese biscuit meal from McDonald's, with a fountain diet coke.
  • Swear by this - gets us through our all-inclusive vacays: Vitamin B12 - Complex (complex is key) in the afternoon before drinking and another B12 complex and 2 ibuprofen as soon as you wake up... zero hangovers ever. Note: Your pee will glow neon yellow and have a terrible smell from the B12!
  • 2 taco John's breakfast burritos.
  • Water water and more water. And liquid IV.
  • Headache meds, Pedialyte, and the big "O"
  • Dramamine! For motion sickness. An older lady taught me this while camping two years ago and now I always have it on hand. Helps your spinning head and stomach! Must try!

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