With top-quality beef, a diverse menu, and topped off with its famous cowboy butter; it's no surprise this South Dakota favorite was singled out among the very best in the U.S.

Of course, the specialty at this establishment is steak, but that's far from the only thing on the menu.

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Recently, the "all things food" website, Mashed released its list of the best steakhouses in each of the 50 U.S. states. Mashed used reviews, accolades, and recommendations in order to find the best of the best.

Where Can I Find The Best Steakhouse in South Dakota?

Credit: Madie Hamilton via Unsplash
Credit: Madie Hamilton via Unsplash

While there are plenty of worthy places in and around Sioux Falls and the greater Sioux Empire, you'll have to travel West River to find the best steakhouse in the Mount Rushmore State.

According to Mashed, the very best steakhouse is the Dakotah Steakhouse in Rapid City. What sets it apart from its stiff competition? Here's what Mashed had to say:

You'll know when you make it to Dakotah Steakhouse (note the extra "h") when you see their iconic buffalo. While this restaurant makes it clear that their specialty is steak, they also have extremely unique choices like Walleye Fingers and Elk Ravioli. Sure, you can't go wrong with their meat, but getting something like a walleye dish at Dakotah Steakhouse is also really tempting.


They are certainly right about the diverse menu. One look at the Dakotah Steakhouse website's menu gives you an idea of just how much they have to offer.

To view the full list of the best steakhouse in all of the 50 states, check out the article from Mashed, here.

And if you want to make a pit stop at the Dakotah Steakhouse during your next West River adventure, see their full menu here.

Story Source: MashedDakotah Steakhouse Website


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