On the Bobby Bones Show, they were talking about a recent Buzzfeed article that shared the 14 commonly known phrases that most people say wrong.

There are some phrases on this list that I have been saying wrong for years. Example; "Hone in vs. Home in." I always say "hone in", but it turns out the correct way to say it is "home in". Who knew? That one doesn't sound right to me as 'home in'.

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Another one is "You have another thing coming" vs. "You have another think coming." The correct phrase is "You have another thing coming", for some unknown reason. Even Judas Priest got this phrase wrong in their song from 1982 "You've Got Another Thing Comin'". And the spell checker on my computer wants to change 'think' into "thing'.

Then there are some phrases that I have never heard of such as "On tender hooks." What does that even mean?

The show members discussed what each phrase actually means and most admitted that the correct phrases make more sense.

  • "Free reign" vs. "Free rein"
    • Correct phrase is "free rein"
  • "Baited breath" vs. "Bated breath"
    • Correct phrase is "Bated breath"
  • "Spitting image" vs. "Spit and image"
    • Correct phrase is "Spit and image"
  • "Hone in" vs. "Home in"
    • Correct phrase is "Home in"
  • "Slight of hand" vs. "Sleight of hand"
    • Correct phrase is "Sleight of hand"
  • "On tender hooks" vs. "On tenterhooks"
    • Correct phrase is "On tenterhooks"
  • "Shoe-in" vs. "Shoo-in"
    • Correct phrase is "Shoo-in"
  • "You've got another thing coming" vs. "You've got another think coming"
    • Correct phrase is "You've got another thing coming"
  • "Hunger pains" vs. "Hunger pangs"
    • Correct phrase is "Hunger pangs"
  • "Ex-patriot" vs. "Expatriate"
    • Correct phrase is "Expatriate"
  • "Pawn off" vs. "Palm off"
    • Correct phrase is "Palm off"
  • "Butt naked" vs. "Buck naked"
    • Correct phrase is "Buck naked"
  • "Chock it up" vs. "Chalk it up"
    • Correct phrase is "Chalk it up"
  • "Change tact" vs. "Change tack"
    • Correct phrase is "Change tack"

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