Scotty McCreery and his wife Gabi just announced the news they're going to be parents! He stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about becoming a dad for the first time, and talk about his song "Damn Strait."

Sharing the exciting news about becoming parents was an easy decision for McCreery, especially because he and his wife are on the same page about their public life. He confessed that they milked the privacy as long as they could without telling anyone besides friends and family, but then they knew it was time to share publicly when she started showing pretty good. The two of them waited to find out the gender of the baby until the 20-week ultrasound. They were both in the room when they found out their child is a baby boy. McCreery and Gabi haven't chosen a name for their baby boy yet, but he is confident they will land on a name together because they're so similar about many things.

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In talking about his wife Gabi, McCreery told Bones the song that reminds him of their love is Elvis Presley's "Can't Help Falling In Love" because it was their first dance song. Adding that she would probably pick a Kenny Chesney song though. Presley is a big influence for McCreery, he's been one of his favorites from the beginning. If he had an Mt. Rushmore of Presley songs, McCreery would choose: "That's Alright Mama," "Suspicious Minds," "Blue Suede Shoes," and "Hound Dog." He also did recently watch the new Elvis movie, which he said was an incredible film and Austin Butler did a great job portraying Presley.

Besides having a baby, McCreery is busy with his life on the road. He shared with Bones that he still gets emotional performing "Five More Minutes" even though he wrote the song 7 years ago. Particularly when he was playing a show in West Virginia, because the song was written about McCreery's grandfather and he was from West Virginia. So McCreery could imagine his grandfather being there and loving that entire moment. Though it's not just that show, he said performing that song he's often reminiscing about good times with loved ones who have passed away. As for the song that gets sang back the loudest to him when he performs is his newest song "Damn Strait," because it's fresh for the fans. But his personal favorite is "This Is It," especially whenever he sees his wife Gabi out in the crowd during it.

Before leaving the show, Bones asked if McCreery would record a new version of "Damn Strait" to be "Dang Strait" so that he could start announcing the song on the radio and for the Country Top 30 Countdown. That's because Bones doesn't say cuss words, so "Damn" falls in that category. McCreery said he would and he'd text it to Bones!

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