Last week I let you know that I was lucky enough to shoot an amazingly nice deer with my bow. When your lucky enough to have a deer in the back of the pickup the next thing that comes to mind is, now what?  Now where?

This year I decided to change things up a bit. I took my deer to Renner Corner Locker. I haven't had a chance to try all the different products I had made, but can't wait. What I've tried so far is great!

One of the things my wife wanted this year was ring bologna. From the looks of the packages, I think we're going to be pleased.

Pic by JD Collins/Sprint Sioux Falls, KIKN-FM

Oh, when I was out and picked up the deer, I introduced my self to Mike, who was helping me load the deer in boxes. I asked If there was any chance I could come back in the freezer and help him load. He obliged. Pretty soon I was talking to Dean, who says he's been running he place for 40 some years. I knew I was on to something so I asked a few more questions.

You guys do beef here too? He told me they do. Turns out they sell quite a bit of beef right there out of the corner store. He said they also do a lot mostly for area producers. I'm pretty jealous. These people know exactly what their getting and what they put on the table for guests.

Dean then took time and showed us around the place and introduced me to Sandy, his wife. She was in the back room, kitchen area and was cutting what looked to be a small pickup load of onions up for a Norwegian delicacy called Spitzmuurr which they were getting ready to make later that afternoon. I'll be headed out tomorrow to take some back to my Mom in Presho, SD. She'll love it!

Pic by JD Collins-KIKN-FM/Sprint Sioux Falls

I know many area hunters will be out in the field this coming weekend. The West River Deer opener is Saturday November, 15. You can bet that come Monday, the Renner Corner Locker will be a busy, busy place.


It really is some of the best small town feel you can get anywhere. Friendly people making delicious products out of what is produced and grown wild locally. I know you have many choices when you get your beef or wild game processed. If your like me and wondering where to go with this years harvest, Renner Corner Locker is a good bet! If you have something in the back of the truck, give them a call. 605.332.0214

Back: Dean, Mike, Montie, Steven, Adam, Bellmon Front: Jan, John-Pic by JD Collins/KIKN-FM/Sprint Sioux Falls