I was doing just fine.  Then John called yesterday.  I bow hunt on John's place, and up until yesterday afternoon at 5:20 p.m. I was able to pretty much 'convince myself' that I wasn't too pumped up to get out and up. Then John called.

It's like that with hunting.  If you like to get out in the field or up in the tree you maybe deal with it too.  The wife, and the job or the family and friends can get between you and your tree stand if you're not careful.  Rightfully so.

I remember when I was just getting started bow hunting years ago, that I might have been out 15 or 20 times by the time pheasant hunting season rolls around.  I've found that it's just too much.

I have a blaze orange autumn tree in the front yard at our house.  I've found over the years that THAT TREE is THE TREE when it comes to THE RUT.  When it starts turning color, which it is right now, you start getting ready.  Clothes lined up, license ordered, you know get things lined up.

When the leaves are all changed to a bright red, I go out for a 'mistake hunt.'  If you bow hunt, you know what I'm talking about.  I left this or that either at home, or forgot about it all together.  I like to make one 'mistake hunt,' and not beat myself up to bad mentally for the idiotic stuff I forget.

Once those leaves are down off that tree, AND RAKED UP...I mean every one of them, it's time.  Pre-rut will be screaming.

In the mean time.  Shoot and prepare.  Shoot and prepare.  Feet placement.  Shoulder squeeze.  Follow through.

If all goes well, I'll see deer this year.  As I've hunted over the years, I have found that putting one in the truck isn't what it's all about.  It's more about 'getting out.'  'Getting away.'

Getting up and getting out.  It's coming soon.

Do you bow hunt?  I'd love to hear your story and if you've already downed an early season buck or doe, let me know about it.  I'll share it with our other bow hunting brethren!