Bugs appearing around the outside of your home. Asian Beatles swarming around. Now, it's the leaves on the trees here in Sioux Falls showing off with their color change before shedding leaves for the winter months.

Thursday afternoon, while I was home to let Molly the black lab out for a bit, I noticed that my hunting tree is starting to turn red. For those of you that might not know what I mean when I say 'hunting tree' let me explain.

The Blaze Autumn Maple we have in our front yard has served as my hunting calendar for the past 10 years. During the month of October, the countdown goes something like this.

Just starting to change colors? Gather up your hunting gear.

Colors bright red? Chances are you're headed out this weekend to go pheasant hunting. (should be right on time)

Leaves falling and almost off? Better be in a tree stand for pre-rut.

Leaves just about all off? Cancel all your plans you might have had, rut is on, and time to be in the stand tomorrow morning looking for a nice buck!

I love fall. I love watching how the weather and the temperatures don't really have any effect on the leaves changing and falling. It's all about the clock. All about the daylight minutes.

While we're busy watching calendars and wristwatches, Mother Nature is moving forward at about 1 to 3 minutes per day. Sometimes it seems like she's taking her own, sweet time. One thing about this Fall, and this year, it's been one of the loveliest when it comes to fall foliage. Get out and enjoy today!

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