It may come as no surprise but the most common and hunted big game animal in North America is the white-tailed deer. So, when you come across a hunter story involving a deer, it is typically nothing out of the ordinary.

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But this buckshot in Illinois was something out of the ordinary.

Every year, Jay Kehrer and his family go hunting together. But this year things looked a little different when he tagged what he called “one of the most unique deer I or anyone else I know or shown it to has ever seen.”

The deer, a hairless, white-tailed deer.

Kehrer and his family have been following this particular deer for months on their trail cameras.

In the sun his coat looked red. In the shade, it looked brown. So we named him Hershey since he looked chocolate-colored.

At first, they thought the deer could be melanistic, which is the opposite of albino, but they were soon proven wrong.

Kehrer initially thought about letting the young deer grow for a couple of years before taking it, but did worry other hunters would beat him to it. Then the opportunity presented itself during the Illinois second gun season.

 We circled it several times trying to grasp just what we were looking at. We couldn’t find anything wrong with it except it was naked!

After tagging the deer, Kehrer contacted the local Captain of the Game Wardens to report the deer.

The State of Illinois Biologist took a look at the deer and concluded that there was nothing wrong with the deer beside the hair being gone. The meat is perfectly safe to eat, but due to the lack of hair on its body, there would be minimal fat.

This is actually the third recorded case of hairless deer on their records.

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