The title says it all. I got lucky. If you have ever went after a deer with a bow and arrow, you know you have to be good, but that it helps to be lucky too.

I sat out 4 times this year. The first morning was a 'shopping trip,' to see what was out there. I was on deer immediately. 4 bucks that first morning. One shooter on the list.

Day 2 was the first COLD morning we had. If I hadn't seen a lot of deer that morning, I might have cried like a baby and quit for the year.

Day 3 was the downest of down you can get. I blew a shot on a terrific deer. I won't go into details, but John and Andy know the story. (where I hunt)

Day 4.  Dead tired. When the time changes and you have to roll out of bed at 3:20 a.m. to get to the stand on time, it's a drag. This is on my vacation now!  Most people relax on a day off. But when the rut is on you have to be on.

I hit the stand. At daybreak turkeys moving everywhere. NO deer. 7:32 a.m. 2 small bucks and 3 does come to a grunt call. After they move out, I see movement. Big Deer.

One more toot on the grunt tube, (yes they work during the rut) and I spot him. Just an antler at first. 'Shooter!'

I wait a few seconds, gather myself. Feet right. Arrow set, ease back. One...more...Step...Shot.

Good hit. Watch him run off. Check watch 7:34 a.m.

Back to the truck, called John and we went to tracking. John's dog Herc is actually getting to be a pretty capable tracker. He helped several times when the blood trail was faint. The deer crossed a creek, we went around the other side and found this fella laying there.

Another great bow hunting season came to a close. It had WAY ups and way downs. But ended nicely.

Practice more. Hunt less. Good luck!

Pic by John-Sprint Sioux Falls