Former Sioux Falls mayor and radio host Rick Knobe is enjoying retirement and enjoying life. He certainly did not expect a chance encounter with a black bear while driving his motorcycle through Idaho.

Knobe told Beth Warden of Dakota News Now that he barely had time to say "Oh... shoot!" when he collided with the 50 pound bear cub on the highway.

Thankfully, Rick was wearing rider safety gear and a helmet.

According to Knobe, "the bear lifted its head up, stands up, shakes off like a wet dog getting out of a lake, and runs down into the ditch. Lucky the mama bear wasn't around."

After the collision, Knobe was airlifted to a nearby hospital with injuries including seven broken ribs. But it could have been a lot worse without the safety gear. Knobe truly believes his gear such as helmet, gloves, glasses, and helmet saved his life and encourages other motorcyclists to "ride safe, ride smart, and ride with your gear."

See his interview here with Beth Warden.

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