Sure, there's a half million motorcycles in Sturgis, South Dakota for the Black Hills Motorcycle Rally, but only one bike rolled in under 100% pig power.

Hormel Company, based in Austin, Mn., has built a motorcycle that runs on organic biodiesel fuel made from converted bacon grease. Project “Driven By Bacon” has a 12-member team for support as the motorcycle ultimately makes it's way to San Diego, Ca. for the International Bacon Film Festival.

They're making movies about bacon now? Kevin used to be my favorite Bacon on the big screen but this changes everything.

Hormel Bacon Party_Facebook

The bike reportedly gets 70 miles to the gallon and leaves a sweet aroma in it's wake. If you were looking for something to put some pork in your torque, this could be it.

When the journey is complete the the motorcycle will be displayed at the Spam Museum in Austin.

Follow the ride to San Diego: — in Sturgis, SD.

Hormel Bacon Party_Facebook