Now, this is something you just don't see every day in South Dakota. A South Dakota YouTuber named Charlie McNeil like to ride his Harley around the Mount Rushmore State in full Star Wars Stormtrooper regalia.

Watch him waiving at (likely confused) passers-by while searching for the mighty, Ta'Tonka, or visiting the presidents, or on the road in Sturgis.

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By the looks of it, the Harley-riding Storm Trooper was even more photo-worthy than the bison were for tourists on this day.

This video was shot at Wind Cave National Park, in the Black Hills Typically, bison aren't that hard to find at the park, however, on the Storm Troopers' first visit, they were nowhere to be found. On day two, the trooper found success, spotting numerous bison in the park.

The Trooper also gives helpful information and advice, like not to get too close to the wild animals, as someone tries this every year and gets trampled or gored.

He even took the message of the Galactic Empire to the riders in Sturgis:

Here he is at Mount Rushmore. Maybe dreaming of the day Vader is on the mountain.

To see the full video, along with other videos of the Storm Trooper riding a Harley, check out his YouTube Channel.

You can also view the full video in the YouTube link below.

And if you're a Star Wars fan, you'll find a few references to the movie in the clip as well.

Story Source: Charlie McNeil via YouTubeWind Cave National Park South Dakota

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