Mr. Buttoned down seemingly always correct Bobby Bones bouncing off the walls after his performance with dance partner Sharna BurgessSee last nights performances here! 

Quite frankly I did not quite understand his overwhelming over the top enthusiasm. At first.  But after listening to the show this morning and hearing his explanation of just being happy I kind of get it.

Bobby talked about coming from a small town and not having a lot of friends and being bullied when he was a child. Last night his behavior after the dance might qualify in some circles as being a bit nerdy. Morning co-host Lunchbox even thought that he was a little over the top with his running around after the performance. It was until this morning that I figured it out in my mind what I think was going on.

When you work as long and hard on a project, like learning how to dance, or learning how to do anything for that matter, when you make it through the first performance things can be overwhelming. I think what we saw a last night was a glimpse of the real Bobby Bones and how he acts when he is truly passionate about something. He was truly ecstatic with his performance. He just survived what most people would never even attempt!

As it turns out he more than survived. The couple actually did pretty good! Put that together with a loyal group of people that will vote for him and I expect that we'll probably be seeing him for a couple of more weeks and maybe more on Dancing With the Stars.

Go Bobby Bones. I don't care what lunch box or even I say, you do you! And Win It!

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