It's almost crazy to say that we're at another years end, but we are.  Let me be one of the first to wish you all a very happy New Year!  Yep, we're looking forward to 2013, but let's take a look back at the three "most read" stories on

It was the shootings at the elementary school in Connecticut that brought one of our most read stories.  It's really not a story but a video.

'The Voice' Pays Tribute to Connecticut School Shooting Victims [VIDEO]

The next story was sent in by one of our listeners.  What happens when you ask your girlfriend to marry you in the middle of a sunflower field?

Kickin' Country Love Story

Tragedy struck in November during hunting season when we learned that a man had died while doing something he loved to do.

South Dakota Bow Hunter Dies in Hunting Accident

And the most read story by far this year from was a story written by Jammin' Jay Williams.  This was a tragic story that should never have had to be written.  If you haven't read it we wanted to make it available and easy to find one last time.

Amanda Connors, Sioux Falls Cost Cutter Manager, Killed Protecting Employee During Hostage Situation


We thank you for checking in with us a  We love the immediate feedback that we get through our phone lines and Facebook and Twitter.  Most of all, we love that you suggest to your family and friends as a web-site that hopefully understands and 'get's' your vibe and feels your world.  Most of all, we hope next year at least some of our most read stories have to do with something good that happened!  We could start off with not having any tragic stories to talk about tomorrow.  Case and point?  Don't drink and drive.  Buckle up and drive safe.

Happy New Year!