When I woke up today, as expected there was a storm of 9-11 stories on the news.  Where were you?...was a common question that people were being asked.

Another story that was resurfacing today was the story of Amanda Connors.  I'm sure you remember the heroic story of Amanda from one year ago when she was gunned down along 41st street at the Cost Cutters she was managing at the time.

This morning, I woke up to check my e-mail to see a note sent to me by Tyler Veurink.  It read,

Hi JD. My name is Tyler Veurink. One year ago today the woman I loved was shot and killed...Amanda Connors. I was just wondering if you could maybe talk about her today so people remember her and the amazing person she was. Maybe dedicate a song to her. Thanks.

Seeing that e-mail brought back memories of the day I talked to Tyler on the phone.  I wanted so badly to play that call on the air, but when I asked Tyler for permission he said politely, 'I'd rather not.'  I respected his wishes.

Today, America remembers the loss of life on 9-11, but many around the Sioux Falls area are also remembering Amanda.  Jay Williams wrote a touching story about Amanda that went viral and was read in over 30 countries.  Good news travels fast, bad news travels at light speed.

Today, Amanda's friends at Cost Cutters are holding a Cut-a-Thon in honor of Amanda.  Proceeds will go to a scholarship for a new stylist to go to school at Stewart School in Sioux Falls. It goes through 6:00 p.m. today.  9-11.  A day we'll never forget.  For more reasons than one.

Oh, Tyler...I think I have the perfect song for you. I'll leave it for you here and play it for you on Kickin' Country too. Hang in there!  In fact, it might be the perfect song for anyone anywhere who might have lost someone the day America was attacked, or killed protecting our freedom these past years.