Who says that the movie 'Frozen' is just a "kid movie"? It seems that just about everyone has seen the movie and finds themselves humming...if not actually singing....along with the music.

The soundtrack to Disney's 'Frozen' earned its biggest sales week yet and 11th week at No. 1 on the Billboard 200.  This is also the fifth week in a row that 'Frozen' has sold more than 100,000 DVDs.  So far, 'Frozen' has sold 2.3 million DVDs.

The 'Frozen' party doesn't stop there either.  'Disney's Karaoke Series: Frozen' hit the charts at number 17 with 15,000 units sold. That makes it the largest sales week for a karaoke CD in just over six years.

And by the way it looks, these handsome Navy baseball players must have seen or even purchased some of that 'Frozen' merchandise!  Enjoy in-fielder Brad Borosak and pitcher Matt Kilby, players on the Navy baseball roster having some fun with 'Love Is An Open Door' from 'Frozen'.  Maybe, this should be called 'Brozen'!