The iconic rubber duck may be the new symbol of healing, sharing, and love for Sandy Hook Elementary students.

The story begins shortly after the start of the new year when Chalk Hill School, Sandy Hook's temporary learning center,  receives a box of 500 rubber ducks from a Kiwanis Club in Colorado. The school has received many donations since the tragic December 14th shootings, that they didn't quite know what to do with a box of 500 rubber ducks.

It turned out to be a God-send for the students, and a major step toward healing.

Todd Keeping, a Monroe police officer from Sandy Hook who was assigned to school security, took the ducks and spread them around the school. Windowsills, shelves, different nooks and corners, throughout the entire school.

They loved them, absolutely loved them," Keeping said. "The ducks bring joy to them—and that's exactly what they need."

They were such a hit with the kids that he raised $500 for another batch to be sent to the school. Then, officer Keeping set up a Facebook page—The Ducks of Sandy Hook Elementary—to help solicit donations.

The small effort paid off. The Facebook page has garnered over 5,000 "likes" already and is growing in popularity daily.

Since the launch of the website, people from all over the world have placed rubber ducks in photographic settings and locations that span the globe.

I've posted some of the photos submitted by supporters of the The Ducks of Sandy Hook Elementary page. After seeing the photos, I think you'll agree. How far can this small gesture of goodwill travel?

Sandy Hook Facebook Photo
Sandy Hook Facebook Photo
Sandy Hook Facebook Photo
Sandy Hook Facebook Page
Sandy Hook Facebook Page

And one of my favorite, posted with the caption, "We're gonna need a bigger bathtub!"

Sandy Hook Facebook Page

God Bless, Officer Keeping.

Note: If you would like to help, you can place an order for ducks through Oriental Trading by calling 1-800-228-2269 (they'll ship 'em for free) or send them directly via the address below:

The Ducks of Sandy Hook Elementary
261 S. Main Street #312
Newtown, Conn. 06470


source: Yahoo News