It's time for an update on Molly, the truck driving dog.  Last time I wrote about Molly, she was headed out on the road.  Riding in an 18 wheeler, touring the western portion of the United States.  I'm sure she thought it was a grand idea.  Riding along with Jake, her owner. Sometimes riding 'shotgun,' sometime on the bed in the sleeper and sometimes laying on the floor right behind Jake.

I had wrote a story, and like many times 'posted the story in Facebook' to let our listeners and readers know what she was up to.  One of the Facebook posts caught my attention.  I can't remember who wrote the note, but they simply 'reminded me' to make sure Jake had all of his vaccination records in order, in case he was stopped, or authorities wanted to see details at a weigh station.  He didn't have the papers in place!

So, Molly the truck driving dog has been at our house again, until she could get her papers in order and the proper shots. She 'had' previously received shots, but he didn't have the paperwork to prove it so, off to the vets office we went.

Pic by Sprint Sioux Falls

If I would have been closer to Parkston or Wagner I would have stopped by Northwest Veterinary Clinic.  I love Doc Barz and the crew that work there. I know that many people trust their large animals to Doc and I know that he would have taken good care of Molly. So, we ended up going to Sioux Nation Vet Supply.  They run a monthly pet shot update.

We loaded up and took off.  It's really quite a spectacle. Dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes in getting their shots.  I talked with a nice lady with two small dogs, that were shaking with nervousness before their turn in the room.  I also saw a dad, with his two young sons who were there with their small white dog. The younger of the two boys thought Molly looked like a good guard dog.  He's right.  She does 'bark' at people when they walk by.

After a brief waiting period, we were off to the smaller room.  I love it when you can see people who love their jobs.  The 'holder' lady, was awesome. She knew precisely how to 'distract Molly,' while she got her 3 shots.  And the Vet herself, was quick, courteous and effective.

We ended up getting all the shots and paper work Molly needs to be 'legal' out on the road.  And that's good.

Oh, and thanks to the lady who 'reminded us' very gently to make sure we had all the proper paperwork in place when taking a dog across state lines.  We're glad she has all her shots and Paperwork in place now.  In case she decides she's hungry for life on the road again.