My wife and I lost our dog over the weekend.  Sort of.  Our oldest son Jacob drives truck for a living.  He had been waiting to take her 'on the road' with him and he finally made the leap and took Molly with him.

Molly is a 3 year old black lab.  Like most parents that get to 'baby sit,' my wife and I have grown quite attached to Molly.  I run with her in the morning, (she runs right beside me) and my wife likes to taker her out both in the mornings and at night for a walk.

She's turned into a pretty good watch dog at the house too.  Other than she still lets Misty, one of our two cats totally dominate her, she's a pretty good dog.

This morning, there was no Molly to take out for a run or a walk.  There were no sad eyes overlooking a pool of drool at the dinner table last night or at breakfast this morning.  There was no Molly to trip over on the way to the bathroom last night.

Yes, Molly made the transition to trucker. Just like that she's gone.

We'll work it out, not having Molly around.  It's nice to know that she's on the road with her rightful owner.

I'm anxious though to hear how she's doing 'on the road.'  I'll keep you posted.

I can't help thinking about this song too.  I listened to it a lot on the radio when I was growing up, (my Dad owned trucks) while I was out on the road with Dad.  Check it out.