It was the Northern Pike that got away for many anglers, but not for Jake Rodiek.  What could have been recorded as a new record for the state of Nebraska and would have put him in the record books, Rodiek caught....then released this giant Northern Pike.

On January 28, 2014, Rodeik and his fishing partner were fishing public waters in Nebraska when he decided to put a couple tip-ups out.  After a flag went up, Rodeik realized that he might have a pretty good sized fish on the end of his line.  He also noticed that the line he was pulling, didn't match the line that he put out on his tip-up.

Rodeik struggled to get the fish up through the eight inch hole, even having to stick his arm into the icy water to help guide it through.  That's when Rodeik realized he might have a some sort of a record on his line.

On top of the ice, Rodeik and his fishing partner started removing different hooks from the mouth and back of the giant Northern.  With all the different types of line and hooks stuck in this fish, this monster was "the one that got away" from many different anglers.

After seeing the Northern, it was obvious why it was difficult for Rodeik to slip him through the eight inch hole.  The fish measured 45″ long and had a 27.5″ girth and probably weighed about 33 pounds.  The Nebraska State Record for a Northern Pike weighs in at 30.1 pounds.

But adding his name to the Nebraska record book was not an option for Rodeik.  After taking some pictures, he quickly released the fish back to the water.  Rodeik says,

As soon as I held this fish up, I knew it was a record fish.  I just feel better about knowing that I might catch that fish out there again when it’s even bigger.