Today's Picture and a Paragraph comes to us from Kim Taylor.  Read her story.

I took this shot .and with my Olympus sz30mr digital camera. This is the Astoria bridge that leads to Washington state. The Oregon and Washington coasts are amazingly beautiful.  My thing is that I take the pictures with my basic digital cam then go into photo editing sites and add or subtract color, etc in order to get the photo to look the way I saw it and not how the cam interpreted it. Astoria is foggy on many mornings so you can actually get some pretty cool shots (minus the rainbow) on a lot of days. Thanks!

Kim is presently living in Newel, SD helping care for a family member. We thank her for finding us on-line at  With the internet, the world is becoming a very small, small place.  And if you watch this video you'll see many parts of that 'small world,' are also very beautiful. Kim also has a Facebook page set up for South Dakota Pictures.

Here's a video of more of Kim's work.  GREAT stuff!  Thanks Kim!