Ok man, I know you're asking $3500 for that 'rock' but really, that's not goin' to happen here.  I'll give you $1200.  If you've ever watched Pawn Stars on   *  you know that's probably what he said a time or two during negotiations with the jeweler.

Rick Harrison is getting married.  He's the bald headed dude from Pawn Stars.

You know him, the Pawn Stars Big Guy with the smokers laugh (don't know if he smokes) and a 'everybody would like to party with me' feel.

We hear today that he's engaged to be married to Deanna Burditt.  Deanna is a fine looking woman who was looking to trade in her life of being single for a life of wedded bliss.   Oh, and she's no dummy either.  According to Rick, she's making him take care of all the wedding planning.

A Pawn Star Wedding is set for July 21st in Laguna Beach, California. And yes, I'm a little disappointed it's not in Vegas!

Wonder if Chum will be standing up?