Listen and Win!

KIKN Country's most talked about contests is back, and we're bringing it back with the chance for you to win a stack of money!

Here's how it works. Listen to The Bobby Bones Show on KIKN 100.5 weekday mornings at 7:45 AM. P.J. will bring you The Secret Sound Double Down Pass-Code. You'll want to know it later in the day and here's why.

At 4:45 PM (weekdays) we'll play The KIKN Secret Sound. When we ask for players, Caller Number 10 will play. (605.361.800 or Toll Free 800-201-5456 [KIKN])  If you correctly identify the KIKN Secret Sound you instantly win $1000!  But wait, there's more!  If you know the The Secret Sound Double Down Pass-code as heard at 7:45 AM on The Bobby Bones Show on KIKN 100.5 you double your winnings and that $1000 turns into a cool $2000 dollars. If we don't have a winner by Friday, we'll increase the amount of money you could win for the following Monday!

Here's another time you'll want to be listening to KIKN 100.5  Listen at 11:45 AM for the previous days guess. Keep track of the 'already guessed answers' so you don't guess a sound that already missed out.

We've already been handing out tons and tons of More MUSIC, with our Ten in a Row Music Sweeps to start and end your work day, now, we can't wait to start handing out cash! It shouldn't take long either! It's the return, of The KIKN Secret Sound, on Sioux Falls #1 for New Country, KIKN 100.5!

As we've done in the past, one play per household for each sond for The KIKN Secret Sound.