The boss said, let's move that 4-wheeler!  This has been one of the longest running Kickin' Secret Sounds of all time. We knew it would be. The sound is a tough one.

Part of the reason the sound is so tough, is because it's a snippet of the actual sound.

So, clue number 1 for the Kickin' Secret Sound, is the ENTIRE sound.

Clue #2 is....A Machine

Incorrect Guess Wednesday Morning (Susie from Brandon) a Paper Folding Machine.

Clue #3 Edible and the song 'Stir It Up' by Bob Marley

Listen for your chance to call in Thursday morning to play and win with The Kickin' Secret Sound. If you get the right answer, we'll set you up with the Suzuki 4 wheeler.

Note: if you have already played the secret sound, we are opening it back up.  All listeners are eligible to win the 4 wheeler, even those that have guessed earlier on this sound.

Listen for your chance to call in and win at 8:20 a.m. with The Big Breakfast on Kickin' Country.