I rarely write what some may loosely interpret as a 'review' for an album.  I'm probably not qualified.  But it doesn't take too long when listening through the latest work from Keith Urban 'Fuse' and you get the vibe you're listening to an artist who's found his 'happy place.'

It's kind of like driving by a perfect field of corn.  Everything is in place.  Plenty of rain, planted at the right time and adequate fertilizer.

I love stories.  And the new album 'FUSE' from Keith Urban has plenty of those.

One of the new songs on the album 'FUSE' is a duet with Miranda Lambert.  Urban had been looking for the perfect song to record with Miranda.  According to USA Today,

We Were Us, which begins with Lambert singing about memories of high-school football and romance, fit the bill perfectly. "I crossed my fingers and hoped that she loved it."

Later in the day, while I was looking through my twitter feed, I noticed that Jefferey Steele, one of my favorite Country Artists and writers was involved with 'Fuse' too.  He was a writer on Raise Em Up, another great song on the album.

Fuse is deep.  I mean, it has a lot of stories on it and a load of textures too.  Keith Urban has been in the mix over the past 15 years.  It's an album like FUSE they'll help him continue that streak!

5 Stars!