This album FUSE is pretty good stuff.  I've always been a Keith Urban fan.  It's not until you're talking to him on his tour bus at the Sioux Empire Fair with nobody else around till you find out this guy has a lot of levels.

The first level most people see is his ability with a guitar. He's flat out 'one of the best with the guitar in the business today.'

The second level most people see, is he's a heck of a performer.  Lady's love him, guys wish they could be more like him (some guys anyway).

The third level is he can revolve his life and music around stories of people and places that he's been.

I'm curious.  I wonder if he ever did have that 'chance encounter' in the back of a Cop Car that he talks about in his most recent effort from the album 'Fuse.'

Cop Car.  Quite a song.  Quite a story give it a listen here. Oh, and share your opinion of whether or not you like the song.  And as always, thanks ahead of time for clicking the SHARE button with your Facebook and Twitter friends.