Kickin' Country had the opportunity earlier this month (Wednesday May 1st) to see Gwen Sebastian perform at The Vault in Sioux Falls. She did not disappoint.

I first heard of Gwen Sebastian on the phone with Kickin' Country Listener Michele.  That would have been about 10 or 11 years ago.  As it turns out her family is related to Sebastian and since she in a product of North Dakota we've been keeping an 'ear' on her.

Later, I caught Gwen on The Voice where she was a member of Team Blake and went on to actually open for Blake Shelton.  Yep.  She can sing a little.  And she's a darn good live performer too.

Today is the release date to I-Tunes for the single 'Suitcase.'  It's available for you to buy. 

After Sioux Falls, Sebastian played a couple dates in North Dakota including opening for Chris Cagle in Williston and Minot. Tuesday we saw on her Twitter feed she was busy shooting the video for the song.

On set today filming video for "Suitcase" & technology is pretty cool. No more clipboard for 'Scene or rolling'

She's good.  And if she ever gives up her day job there's a radio station that's going to have a bubblier morning show because of her.  She's great on the air as well.

Gwen Sebastian.  We would like to know what you think of her song so give it a watch and a listen and let us know!