Some of the coolest ideas come from listeners. I always love it when people are 'thinking' ahead and 'tying' ideas with songs. Hey, that's our job here at Kickin' Country, to do that and sometimes I feel like our listeners do a better job than we do.

I didn't get it at first, but then I thought about the story that Dan Collins had put up on about an escapee in Huron.

According to reports from KSFY, the escapee from Huron was captured Tuesday night in Sioux Falls and is in custody. After receiving several tips form the public regarding a vehicle that matched the description, officers arrived and made the arrest.

The Beadle County Sheriff's Department says Charles Beeney escaped from the Huron jail early Tuesday and is armed with a makeshift weapon. Huron schools were on lockdown status as a precaution.

The 45-year-old Beeney is originally from Lansing, Kan. He was arrested last December on an aggravated eluding charge after leading law officers from five counties and the South Dakota Highway Patrol on a chase through Jerauld County. The chase ended when he crashed the pickup truck he had stolen in North Dakota.

Here was the post from Marty on our Facebook Page.

U guy's better play OldRed for the folks in Huron!

Well said Marty.  Well Said.  Sounds like Ol' red along with the help of the watchful eye of the public helped take care of the issue. Good Job to all!  Oh, in case you're unfamiliar with 'Ol Red, here it is.  Hear what Marty was talking about!