We've officially hit the fall season.  Some hunters in Arizona have already been enjoying the great outdoors and with great success.

Pictured above is the nephew of the guy we call "voice guy" here at Kickin' Country.  His name is Steve Wood.  Steve is from Arizona.  Every time we exchange e-mails we always talk back and forth about the hunting season.  Steve enjoys hunting in Arizona so we have that in common and always have something to talk about.

Yesterday I posted a picture on the Kickin' Country Facebook of my target while I was out practicing shooting my bow.  As the years have gone by, I think I enjoy the preparation that goes into the hunting season almost as much as actually getting out in the great outdoors.

For the meantime, I'll just keep practicing and getting ready to take the field.  I'm looking forward to pheasant outings in Armour and my hometown of Kennebec and look forward to a little tree time at one of my favorite places on earth.   I have several tree stands hanging there right now.  Just waiting.

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