I still joke with the kids that "when I was young we had a stick to play with, and we liked it!" We actually had a little more than that. We had a tractor inner-tube in the back yard and a garden hose.

And who could forget using the tent stakes on garbage bags, add a little water, and you've got the "poor mans'  Slip n' Slide"! That was some real good Hefty style back-burn.

Yes, when we were kids we had lawn darts...with steel tips! You just had to learn to get out of the way.

Now, according to a survey from the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, G.I. Joe is the favorite toy of the century.

Joe beat out such childhood favorites as Raggedy Ann (number 11), Mr. Potato Head (number 20) and even Barbie (number four).

Here’s a rundown of the Top 20 toys from the survey:

1. GI Joe

2. Transformers

3. Lego

4. Barbie

5. View-Master

6. Bicycle

7. Cabbage Patch Kids

8. Crayons

9. Play-doh

10. Monopoly

11. Raggedly Ann

12. Spirograph

13. Etch A Sketch

14. Little Golden Books

15. Hot Wheels

16. Lincoln Logs

17. Candy Land

18. Roller Skates

19. Silly Putty

20. Mr. Potato Head 

 What toys are missing from the list? Any favorite toys you had as a kid and do you still have them? Or, worse yet, did your mom sell them at the garage sale?

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Dan Collins