A local TV guy caught these two deer doing an amazing deer dance.  More likely it was a territorial tussle.  Regardless to the 'why' the two deer were duking it out, it's pretty amazing footage.

I've been bow hunting for the past 15 years and whereas I've seen similar action out in the wild, what makes this interesting is how long the two were able to stay in the upright position and how long the fight lasted!  There is also something interesting in the fact that the one deer ends up getting pushed over a set of bleachers that imaginary fans were sitting in.  Getting one heck of a show!

So I'm sitting in Spezia Wednesday afternoon having a beer with my cousin Vern and on Sports Center this video comes on.  Yep, it's getting around!

Footnote.  Call the cameral guy from KELO-LAND that filmed this and ask him to sit in a tree with me this fall!  Nice!