I just read that Sioux Falls City Council has decided that It would be OK for Sioux Falls residents to have up to six chickens in Sioux Falls. Now, this isn't anything new, they were just updating what we could have and what we couldn't have.

Now, not everyone thought it was a good idea.  Kermit Staggers and Greg Jamison voted against this form of in-city agriculture.  I'm guessing they thought a trip to Hy Vee or Sunshine would be a better idea. But at the end of the day, it's ok to 'get yourself some chickens and get after some in town farming.

Oh, if you want more than six you would have to get a license from the city as well as written consent from all owners of real estate within' 100 feet of the residence. That got me wondering?  Can a business have chickens?  Think about it!  This is all for residents.  But can a business have chickens.  If I get it cleared with Don Jacobs I'm thinking I could pull it off.  Here's how we could do it.

First, I'd have to have the facility.  We have a perfect place out back of the studios. The building itself would serve as a a wind break.  We would put our coop on the east side of the building.  There's already running water in place so, other than a few details I'm thinkin' we could have eggs for the Big Breakfast by June or July!

Back to the facility thing.  I'll have to stop by and ask Larry at Campbell's Supply if he could steer me in the right direction of some chicken wire and supplies I might need. In a perfect world we'd have a big fenced in area and have free range chickens.  I hear that's the ultimate.  Free range chickens that could brows on some of the grass and such growing out back.  I'm guessing Mikey the engineer would frown on that. Or at least the lawn mowing crew that comes in keeps things looking neat.

I think I'm going to ask.  Initially I though we could get one and call it the Kickin' Chicken, but I don't want it to get lonely.  I'm thinking six would be a good number.  I'll have to go over to Sun Tan City and Vern Eide to see if they'd be ok with the idea, but other than that I'm thinking you could be calling me Farmer Collins here in a week or two.

Now, this isn't going to happen without your help.  I know from past experience that if I go to Jake and ask for something the 'listeners' think is a good idea, then I might be able to pull it off.  I'll need some support.  I would say, instead of a petition get some of your farmer friends to 'like us on Facebook' so you can join in the conversation we'll be having.

I need your help to make this important venture happen Kickin' Country.  Keep listening for details and watching for ways you can help.

Keep posted for this 'farm drama' that's sure to unfold.  Coming soon, the Kickin' Chickens?