An international study done in June of 2015 released by Dr. Sarah Brewer, a General Practitioner and nutritionist, found that sleeping ‘in the buff’ could actually be a super healthy thing for you to do. Dr. Brewer said that not only does sleeping naked help to regulate body temperature during the night making it easier to fall asleep, but it also helps with having the sense of freedom which could lead to an increase in intimacy.

But what about walking around the house naked -- just because? A survey conducted by a British bathroom equipment manufacturer, determined that for men, this is not a big deal. It's a different story however, for women.

According to the survey, of all the women asked, 1/3 of them admitted that they were just too shy to be naked in front of their lover. An additional 1/3 also believe that their weight is an issue, saying that they believe they are too fat to let their lover see them without any clothes. One in 10 women admit that they are so embarrassed about being seen naked, that they will even lock the bathroom door to avoid her partner coming in uninvited.

On the other side of the study, however, more than two-thirds of the men asked said they have no problems with regularly walking around the house completely naked. Interestingly enough, almost half of all the women asked (46%) said they would love to do that exact same thing, but would never do it - because of their fear of having their partner see them nude.

Looking good for their significant other has always been a major concern for women. According to a "naked truth" poll by, women are split right down the middle when it comes to exercising. Fifty-percent say they exercise to look good naked and the other 50% just want to look hot in their jeans.