If you're a dude with a passion for hoppy craft beers, there is a danger that you could grow "man boobs," according to a guy bent on ruining craft beer night.

In a new report, author Stephen Buhner explains that hops are "the female flower of the hop plant and that they contain a lot of "phytoestrogen." This, my friends, is what women use to increase milk production and ease menopause.

Over the years, I have developed a passion for new craft beers and pale ales, and I know the term "hoppy" that craft beer lovers will use once in a while. What I didn't know is that craft brewers use 400 to 500% more hops than the typical big-name beers. Hence, lots of phytoestrogen is consumed.

Whether this Buhner guy is right or not, I'm not giving up craft beer night for fear of growing man boobs. I'll just pick up a bro-bra and a six of India Pale Ale and explain to my wife later.

However, diet and exercise is the proper way to lose chest fat. Check out these excellent tips from The Manly Zone. I think they got it right.

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