I have been known to throw out some challenges. I've also been known to accept some challenges. But the 'Sleeping Naked to Benefit My Health' challenge is one that I'm still weighing over in my mind.

Before heading off to bed tonight, forget sliding on your favorite pj's. A new international study released by Dr. Sarah Brewer, a General Practitioner and nutritionist, says that sleeping 'in the buff' could actually be a super healthy thing for you to do.

For example, Dr. Brewer says that sleeping naked can help to regulate your body temperature, which then helps you get a better nights sleep. A lower body temperature will not only allow someone to fall asleep faster, but could also help tame pre-existing skin conditions that may affect people with sensitive skin. And of course, women who may be fighting menopause symptoms, keeping cool in bed will help fight those nasty hot flashes.

Dr. Brewer also says by sleeping naked, men and women will be able to "air-out" certain areas of the body that might not always get the air circulation. (You know what I mean.) This cuts down on the possibility of fungal infections in men and yeast infections in women.

But one other very important reason to sleep naked, according to Dr. Brewer, is the sense of freedom which could lead to an increase in intimacy.

Humans are highly-tuned to the sight of bare skin...and sleeping naked can help improve intimacy between you and your partner and give you a boost of body confidence.

If changing your bedtime routine to one of NO PAJAMAS is new for you, keep in mind that there are already plenty of sleepers who think this is the best option. According to a study by the U.S. National Sleep Foundation, about one in three adults already sleep totally naked.

The study also revealed that the majority of people who do sleep naked are over the age of 50, with more men then women deciding to sleep au naturel. Twenty-seven percent of men asked in the study say they choose to sleep naked, compared to just 20 percent of women.

Some popular excuses as to why people decide to skip their birthday suit for a comfy pair of pj's include anything from kids to pets or possible fire.

So maybe Dr. Brewer could add another positive to sleeping naked: staying in good shape. After all, if the concern is a potential fire, if you haven't got a bad body for the firefighters to see, then there should be no worries!