Come on admit it.  I know you think it's silly, but somewhere in your head is a little voice that's asking if the world is going to end on Friday.

The Mayan calendar ends Friday December 21, 2012. Conspiracy theorists are on the bandwagon.  They have been for sometime, pointing to an invisible asteroid that will end life as we know it. Or, how about a massive solar storm that will end it all?

NASA says that's highly unlikely.  Comets that cause destruction on earth are extremely rare.  They could happen once in about 500 years.  Nothing like that is imminent.

Scientists say solar storms are are common events and do cause electrical outages.  The worst case would be loss of power for weeks, not months and would not kill millions.

But what about the Mayan calendar?  It hasn't predicted the world will end.  There are thousands of web sites available and videos that are about catastrophes.  You can find anything you like.  However, none of them have any substantiation from any scientist.

Even though the voice may be in your head like it is in mine, you're probably safe to plan that Christmas party for the weekend, put up the tree and hang the lights if you haven't already done so and buy some Christmas gifts.

In all probability, the bills for January will arrive as usual.  Death and taxes are the certain things that we can all count on.