My wife Lori and I were out of town for the last few days.  We went to Charlotte, N.C. for a seminar and loved the trip.

I was looking forward to the warmer temperatures and we experienced them for one day.  It reached 60 degrees and the day was sunny.  We were walking around without any coats on.  Trees and grass were green.  Imagine that!

The next day, the temperature began to drop.  It began to rain and then snow.  Big snowflakes were coming down in Charlotte and things began to ice up.

We turned on the TV that night and drivers were being warned not to travel, accidents were beginning to occur because folks were not used to winter driving conditions.  By 11pm, no travel was being advised all for less that a quarter inch of snow!  The streets did not become snow packed.

I was thinking what a different mindset and climate that exists between N.C. and S.D.! In South Dakota, we wouldn't have given the same conditions much of a thought.  In Charlotte, it was practically a state of emergency.

There were no trucks to spread sand and salt.  Folks with store fronts were not putting ice melt on the sidewalks, because stores weren't selling it from what I could gather.

By the time we had to leave, you could hardly tell that it had snowed there.  It was truly a great place to visit.  You can see the Billy Graham museum, catch a Bobcats or Panthers game, see a NASCAR race, eat great barbeque, enjoy some beautiful scenery and talk with some really nice people.

It's always nice to visit, but it's always good to be home.  I'm glad we're home.