The recent heavy snowfalls here in the Sioux Empire have left a lot of people wondering if the city plows are no longer using snow gates?

After the city announced they would be adding snow gates to the many plows that help to keep our streets clean this time of year, the general buzz was positive. Most people were like, great, no longer a huge mountain of back-breaking snow that I need to shovel at the base of my driveway.

While that is typically true, it's not always the case. The Sioux Falls Public Works Department says snow gates will reduce the amount of snow that is left on people's driveways, but, will not completely remove it.

Sioux Falls Public Works Director Mark Cotter told KSFY TV, "The snow gates are not intended to eliminate this snow amount. They are intended to reduce in the larger events. There's going to be more that spills over."

Cotter goes on to say that the cold temperatures aren't helping matters much either. There has not been much of a melting period, which has created rather large snow mountains on people's boulevards, and large piles of snow have also become a problem on narrow residential streets.

In some cases, homeowners may still need to remove more snow if they choose to park on city streets.

You might as well plan on digging out your mailbox if it's located on your boulevard, and don't forget to shovel around your neighborhood fire hydrants while you're at it.

Source: KSFY TV

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