For much of the day on Sunday, Sioux Falls residents watched as snow continued to accumulate from early morning through the afternoon. So much so that the city broke two daily snowfall records. According to the National Weather Service, the late October snow brought the 8th largest single-day measurement in 3.4 inches Sunday. And, the 8th largest two-day snowfall with 4.3 inches.

Plenty of slipper conditions faced drivers and the City of Sioux Falls dispatched the snowplows to clear roads for the safety of commuters. Plows began clearing snow on Saturday evening and continued through the day on Sunday. Sioux Falls was not under a Snow Alert.

Sioux Falls temperatures will begin to warm as the week continues. Looking at the 10-day Dakota News Now forecast, this coming weekend will bring highs in the low 50's so what snow we do have should be gone for Halloween Trick or Treaters.

And how many years ago was it that on Halloween we had a blizzard that brought more than a foot of snow? Keep your fingers crossed that won't be the case this year.

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