On Saturday the April Blizzard of 2018 dropped about 14 inches of snow on Sioux Falls. Even though I have sworn to never start my snow blower in April, I did.

On Sunday afternoon I removed the snow from my driveway and sidewalk. Then Sunday night when the city snowplow came through it left a giant ridge of snow at the end of my and everyone else's driveway.

When I left for work before sunrise on Monday morning I didn't have a chance to clear the "hump of disappointment" from the driveway entrance. I just rammed through it with my SUV.

On Monday afternoon I was out with my snowblower trying to whittle away at what was now a big ridge of ice when the guy in the picture above pulled into my driveway with his 4 x 4 and bladed it clean.

After he had totally cleared my driveway I tried to get his attention so I could thank and offer to pay him. But before I could do that he was off and clearing my neighbors driveway.

He continued to do this on about a 1/2 dozen driveway's without stopping. And then he just drove off. He was gone before anyone could say thanks.

Just a good Samaritan out doing random acts of kindness. What an awesome guy!

In this day and age it's easy to get jaded and disheartened when considering worldly situations. But when someone takes the time and goes to the effort to do such a nice thing for total strangers it really does give you a good feeling about what a great place Sioux Falls is to live.

If anyone knows who this guys is, please let me know. I'd really like to thank him.

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