Can we be done with the snow, please? What a snowy winter it's been. Today we just got dumped on for another round, going into March like a lion. Hopefully, we will come out of March like a lamb.

It's no secret that folks in the upper Midwest enjoy their adult beverages. Who could blame us for having a nip to get through these brutally long winters? It's normal for people to prepare for a storm by hitting the grocery store. For some, that also includes a stop at the liquor store.

Recently, before one of our big snowstorm hit, I was at the liquor store, talking with the owner. He said it had been a super busy day, and I asked if it was because of the weather. Al told me that when snow hits, it's like having another Friday day of sales in the store. "It's really good for business."

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So that means they won't be back on Friday right? Nope. People tend to think if they buy booze ahead of time that it will last them, but they normally come back on the weekend.


In a throwback to the chaos of 2020, I can see his point. People bought tons and tons of alcohol when the lockdown happened. It sure didn't seem like it lasted as long as it should. I know in our house that we just seemed to go through it faster. Man, that lockdown sucked.

So if you find yourself buying extra milk, bread, and eggs (if you can afford them), and also hitting the liquor store, you're just doing what Wisconsinites do.

And once again, seriously can we be done with the snow?

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