The gang at the National Weather Service here in Sioux Falls says this late winter storm dumped around 3.7 inches of snow at the Sioux Falls Airport between Monday and Tuesday, a little less in some parts of the city, a little more in others. With that said, as the weather begins to simmer down, and the winds diminish a little as the day goes on, you might want to take advantage of the fact your kiddos have no school today and put a snow shovel in their hands.

Whenever we get a snow event, the city of Sioux Falls gives its residents roughly a 48-hour period to get it all cleaned up once the snowfall has stopped.

According to Sioux Falls city ordinances, the owner or person in possession of any property abutting on any sidewalk is to keep their sidewalk free from snow, and ice, and to remove any snow or ice from the sidewalk within 48 hours after the termination of any snowfall, snow, or ice accumulation.

Remember it's your responsibility as a property owner to make sure you do your part to help keep sidewalks clear of snow and ice so other residents can travel safely.

The city also encourages its residents to help neighbors who are unable to clear their own sidewalks and driveways due to medical conditions or being elderly.

Failure to clean your sidewalk in the allotted time period will result in the city forcing you to open up your checkbook to pay a citation and in some cases snow removal costs.

Should you ever have any questions regarding snow removal within the city of Sioux Falls, you can always call Property Maintenance at (605) 978-6900.

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